Monday, 13 August 2012

Theme Park Look, A little girl

 Going to Disneyland 

Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy
Feel good in wearing a colourful look,
little vintage? And it makes me look sunny and happy. 

Dottoed denim dress 
Buy from "Tasty" $379 
Every one must have a denim item, mine is a dress. 
I love its painted in dotted and their size is perfect, not too glamorous, 
and the cutting is good.

Tthere is a little suprise,  
4 red botton, see the colour matching, cute! 


 Hair Style

Time: 5 mins

Very easy to make, 
Just make your hair in two part and roll it to a ball. 
Better at the same level and same size.  


 Leader Shose

 Buy from King Wah Centre 2/F $3XX
  Black and white is very easy to match even with the colourful socks


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    1. Thank you! The dress have a little tast if drama, i love it too! And thanks for giving the first comment for this blog!!<3