Friday, 21 September 2012

(My look) Mixed

Long time no posting, recently i am busy these day and dont have enought time to tune my photo.  Starting from today, i think i will text as Chinese and English, hope it will bring convenient to the people reading my blog.  Although my English level is really low, haha~

很久沒有上文了, 因為近來都沒有時間去整圖呀(笑), 由今天起, 我想我會中英合用, 希望可以會更方便會支持的人, 但我的英文水平真的很低呀,實在不好意思了~

This time, i think i really look like a painter with a Beethoven haiestyle, that is, Beethoven switch to do the painter?! In fact, i like to wear clothes with bat sleeve. Always feel that people choose to wear bat sleeve is very Stylish!!! So, Half of my clothes are them.  At last, i found there is only THREE T-shirt at home and they are the same style but with different print......

Well, this shirt is one of my favorite.  I love blue sky white clouds,cows patterns. That time i found "Tasty" ( boutique i am working now, I will talk about it some days), I buy three clothes straightly cast about a tousand.  It is a little expensive for me just working part-time.  But i fall in love with the Shirt so much.  It is a  mixture of all my favorite and i named it "cows"(sound silly in english omg).  

For the beret, no any Story. Just bought from H&M, only 60 dollars.  I love hats also, and this beret have sizes. I can wear it nicely even i have a small head.  I have wearing it for a week already and it can match with every style! yeah!

今次的造型, 我真的覺得自己很像一個畫家, 然後有一頭貝多芬髮型, 即是一個轉行做畫家的貝多芬?! 事實上, 我真的很喜歡穿蝙蝠袖的衣服, 總覺得會穿蝙蝠袖的人是很有STYLE的! 所以家裡的衣服都有一半是它們, 最後我發覺我只有3件同款不同print的T-shirt...

好... 今次這件恤衫是我最愛之一。話說我喜愛藍天白雲, 喜愛乳牛圖案。那天巧遇TASTY(我工作的店舖, 下次有機會要介紹一下!),  為了JOIN VIP就一氣買下3件東西,差不多一千元吧! 對於當時只是做part-time 工作的我來說是有點貴的, 但我一看就愛上了這件恤衫, 它混合了藍天白雲和牛牛又有蝙蝠袖, 真的太太太太吸引了, 我叫它"牛牛"

至於畫家帽, 沒什麼大名堂. 只是購自H&M, 好像60元吧? 因為我也愛帽子, H&M這個有size, 就算我頭小也戴得好看. 這星期基本天天都戴著, 而且什麼造型都配到, 恩物呀! 


Patten shirt

Just like the blue sky white clouds, and the patten

Hope you will like it¬

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