Saturday, 23 March 2013

Become a Second-hand Style Lover♥

那天, 我終於可以放假, 可以休休閒閒地過; 自從看過老闆穿著的一件復古花外套後, 決心要找一些回來, 於是, 我來到"美之", 在恤衫區一件一件的細看, 然後, 我帶了8件衣服回家, 只是沒有找到我想要的花外套

Last time, i saw my boss was wearing a Vintage patten jacket, Now i have a big wish to find some vintage things!  That day, I finally got a day-off, I can take a rest and do what i want. I come to "美之"(Mei Chi,a Second-hand/ Vintage Fashion store).  I read the clothes one by one,  choose what i interest, try what i love, and i get 8 item♥ only for $460.

Second hand wear♥Today


 Second Hand : Over Size Denim Outwear


 Second Hand : Skirt

Buy from I.T

 70%off Sale

Bere, H&M Hats

B&W Flower Tops
Fresh Green Skirts, Sec-hand Store HK
Purple Socks, HKD$8
Platform Flats, I.T

Over-Size Denim Outerwear
, Sec-hand Store HK

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