Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Sporty ?

This style is inspired by this photo: 

Want to have a Baseball Jacket these day.  Although you cant see any things on it.  But it inspire me a lot, such a black slim-cut pant, mix with white socks and gentle shoes.  Love a lot.  i wanna try too.  And today, rainy day again better wearing a pant~

This is the result♥

After matching my pants and the socks and the shoes, i found that I don't have any simple t-shirt, even with some words on it.  So I replace it with some patten, here come the crossed-lines shirt.  The next problem is I dont have any baseball jacket too!  Then I wear the same cutting denim jacket. Denim is the easiest clothes to match, thank god*.  After all, the outfit look missing something,  that is not enough layer for me, so i add a cardigan at the end.

  1. Crossed lines shirt// korea
  2. Red bags cardigan// korea 
  3. Denim jacket// buy at Tasty 
  4. Black panties//
  5. Patten socks// buy at Tasty 
  6. Platform flats// I.T

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