Friday, 29 March 2013

Spring Colour

Every time i choose my clotheing, It must have a clear idea in my mind, even the what kind of style i want to be today.  But today, there is nothing, maybe because the rain, i have no mood... Today is my Advance Exam, and my day-off, so i hope to have some smart things and cause the rainy day, i cant wear short skirt, i have wear the pants in the past two day too! So the result is long skirt mix with spring happy color! Here is my outfit!! 

  1.  Mix colour jacket // Pull & Bear
  2. Flower top // Store at  Allied Plaza
  3. Straight skirt // Tasty 2012 
  4. Dotted socks // Monki 2012 
  5. Platform flats // I.T sale 
  6. Make-up Box // Lancôme

                                       Do you Know...
What is Hot Now

Thats why I have a strong feeling on my flower top last week once i saw it.  See the Vogue Cover, you will know. 

And what is hot this year? There are 7 Trends

Have you find that there are BLUE around us these day?

I must mention the pattern is hot this year, Love it 90s style!

Where is your CANDY COLOUR ?!

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