Friday, 5 April 2013

Black Alice

  Welcome to the Wonderland

Alice in the wonderland, a always theme.  For me, the top is casual but no too cute and fashion.  Fashion always using a US cartoon or some fairy tail for print.  Alice in the wonderland is Fantasy.  I love that. To style it, i must make them so vintage.  Cause i have a baby face, i cant wearing things casual, eg: tee mix jeans.  it makes me  look like a 14 girl.  Big dotted long dress, a very vintage item, match it !! Also with the big big hat.  hey! can you see there are roses. 

  1. Black vintage hat // Monki 2012 Winter 
  2. White rose shirt // Tasty 
  3. Black Alice top // Tasty
  4. Black dotted skirt // Tasty
  5. Heels // jeffrey campbell

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