Friday, 5 April 2013

Denim with hat

Hey, Its Denim again, a super fabric.  it appear at everyone wardrobe include you.  And see what I have here, a oversize denim jacket with wild animals! And i just find it at a little fashion street  in Hong Kong, Garden Street at Prince Edward.  You never believe that it just cost around $200 HKD.  How can you dont fall in love with a item cheap but fashion!  Thats why i love shopping at Boutique with importing clothing more that a brand.  So as you?

  1. Periwinkle animals denim coat // Store at Garden street 
  2. Black vintage hat // Monki 2013 Winter
  3. White cross  top // Tasty 
  4. Black long leader skirt // Tasty

What is Garden Street ?

Fa Yuen Street ( Fa Yuen (花園) means "garden" in Cantonese.), is a retail street with shops and hawker stalls selling bargain-priced fashion and casual wear for men, women and children and they usually open between 10:30 and 22:30 daily.

At one point of Fa Yuen Street, the road is closed off to private cars for the convenience of the fresh produce market, which sells a variety of exotic fruits and vegetables in the middle of the street. Directly adjacent to these produce stalls, located on the ground floors of the buildings lining Fa Yuen Street, are the cheapest clothing boutiques.
Good Hope Noodle on Fa Yuen Street is known for good value and quality noodles and congee, in affordable prices ranging from HK$25 to HK$65.

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