Sunday, 7 April 2013


7/4 happy birthday to my best friend! And party time last night.  that a rest today, NICE¬ Sleep this morning, Up this afternoon, go shopping.  See my hat, i just bought it today. Love this sooo much.  Long time no wearing short skirt.  I dont want to look too cute, so if i wear a short skirt i will choose a wild jacket (again) with oversize.  how about the top.  Anything is ok.  so never mind.  I prefer to wear a platform shoes mix socks.  But i think to nude for my legs, so i change stockings with boots.  match better. 

  1. Black sparkle hat //  Store at Gala Place, Mong Kok
  2. Periwinkle animals denim jacket // Store at Garden street, Prince Edward
  3. White flower top //  Store at  Allied Plaza,  Prince Edward
  4. Velvet skirt // Tasty 2012
  5. Black Jeffrey Campbell boots // I.T 2012Sale

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