Monday, 8 April 2013


Omg, cold again.  Here the chance for my lovely oversize china blue cardigan come out.  Cause i buy a new hat, my style become a little bit sport, street, rock? pop and mix my style.  Very clear in my mind but dont know how to explain.  For this look, the cardigan is the main point,  just color? mix some patten .  Over size on the top? slim at the bottom, Colour on the coat, B&W for the skirt! Here come my skirt with this.  Ok... colour and patten, then mix some print in the middle. Finish!

Black sparkle hat //  Store at Gala Place, Mong Kok
Black print top // Tasty
Straight skirt // Tasty
Blue oversize  cardigan //Tasty
Maroon socks // Tasty
Platform flats // I.T winter Sale 2012

Maybe my style is :
Everything is Opposite.