Saturday, 1 June 2013

neon Sport

Hey everyone, long time no see, I got a full time work this May, Work everyday and go to school at day-off.  Busy Non-stop...

In this summer, there is a korea hit, and the brand name Stylenanda comes with some pretty korea model.  Every girls in Hong Kong talkinf about this.Their style is causal with Black&White or some pop colour.  You may see they always mathc a very oversize top with a very skinny short, tuck in the shirt and always show off their long long legs! Nice body. 

Here is one of my summer style of korea in this summer.  All from tasty, you may see a skinny neon worker dress and a straight tiger sport style tee.  in my mind, although this is not my always sty;e, but i think i can carry it because my baby face.  always look like a little, so you may see i always wearing suit or some long dress that i dont want ppl think i m too young.  last time someone think i m just 13....Any way, Korea hot issue come, i dont care.  They are perfect match!

Last time i wear on them to go work.  And in the afternoon, a girl come in the shop, she saw me and said: "Wow! I just saw you walk by the MTR! You are so Eye-catching!!!" Here is the most beautiful words i have heard for my styling.  Thank you so much!!!!

Sparkle hat// Store at Gala Place, Mong Kok
Skinny neon worker dress Tasty dress// Tasty
Straight tiger sport style tee Tasty top// Tasty

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